Friday, 18 January 2019


 pencil on black A3 paper,
297 x 420 mm, (11.7 x 16.5 in)

"Boob-burger," "Tit-burger," Burger boobs."

There was a bit of decision making in this, with the burger. To have the burger as it is or have it tilted so each boob was a bun, but I would lose the squishiness in the boobs that attracted me to the reference in the first place.

Plus all the milk shakes that I use as a halo was a pain in the ass, but I am trying to do one step further, I could have just dropped them for a glow.

I've started to use a workable fixative, so I can get an extra layer on top, doing this does have a small con, it fades the under-layer noticeably. But when the paper is fully covered in pencil, I can not apply more, I'm just wasting pencil with no affect, but with the fixative it creates a new layer with a fresh tooth to the paper.   

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