Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Painting!... In oils!

Painting! In oils!
I haven't painted since 1998 in oils, for a while now after seeing Beau White's works, I've been thinking I should get back in to oils. With excuses to not do it, like when I get a studio I'll get started, but that may not happen, and with both kids at school, now's the time.
My kids distract me every 30 seconds, with "what are you doing ?"  "whats that?"  "can i have this?" "help!" "can you open this?" " DAD!" and they touch everything too.
But now with a kick in the arse from Jon Beinart, I have moved the easel into the house, bought paint, thinners, brushes, and I intend to paint in between drawings, for at least a year.
So I have no new painting skills and it's just like where I left it 20 years ago, every painting so far has felt like a painting I did in high school.
 It is off putting, having been drawing non-stop for 10 years, knowing how it will turn out, to struggling with paint, having nothing work out how I want. But maybe in ten years I'll get comfortable.