Thursday, 9 January 2014

In The Garden

"In The Garden" prismacolor pencil on black A3 paper,
 297 x 420 mm, (11.7 x 16.5 in)
The Garden, is a theme I might run with, though it is not green and lush, it might start to become more plant like, mushroom and fungi is a start. And that's the thing, fungi is like a special secret surprise in the garden, its something unplanned that's hard to create in a garden, and if you do produce your own fungus its kind of hollow, and not the same as if it happened naturally.
These are the things hidden in the garden, the horrors and beauty, like a massive web of a golden orb weaver.
As a child, I did a bit of gardening for a lady who's name alludes me, for small change chocolate and apples, which was a bizarre payment, it was a nice garden, big with rocks cacti, roses, and trees, it was all there, but while clearing leaves I came across massive spiders, mostly huntsmen, which scared the shit out of me.

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