Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tentacles in women

Maybe because of anime, manga and henti, but I find the tentacle very sexual, like a penis or finger it can penetrate, but it also appears wet and slippery, it sucks. It seems like you could grab a handful of squid and fuck it in your fist.

I'd like to say the gagged mouth thing is just a faze, I do like the idea of "things" coming out of the mouth like tentacles and spiders as if the woman is their home like a parasite, or the woman is a shell and the tentacle or insect is the true creature, just exiting for some fresh air. But also with the original reference being gagged I find the eyes are wider, and I get a lot of drool and spit bubbles and I like that.

Some women no matter how beautiful can be monsters, and that can be sexy, metaphorical or literal, with something evil inside.(I'm) not saying men are not also, but women are beautiful, and I like to draw their beauty.

Parasite, prismacolor pencil
on A3 black paper
The Second Siren, prismacolor
pencil on A3 black paper

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