Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Princess Daisy produces a soft serve ice cream

Princess Daisy produces a soft serve ice cream from her anus. I am very happy with the out come of the ice cream and I think I will do more of them in the future. The crown didn't seem to cut it to identify her, so I threw sprites in down the bottom, with Luigi's arm being devoured by turtles. But it is Daisy's crown, and princess Peach has a different crown and is blonde.

The only problem I have is with the power-up sprites, and it's a personal thing. The sprites to me have to be identical to that as the game, it really puts me off if they are wrong, not just these sprites but any sprites from Mario, Zelda to Chun Li in Street Fighter, and that makes it a little uncreative, and unoriginal. I'm just copying them from pixel to pixel, something some one else has designed, the outcome looks and feels good, but it is something anyone can do, and if I put my own spin on the spites they look and feel wrong. I guess it's the nostalgia I crave from seeing these icons of pixels. I must say Super Mario Brothers 3 was a highlight of my youth.

And "WTF is this shit... this is just flat out porn", and if you masturbate to it I guess it is, but there is a beauty in the female body, from head to foot. It may be only biological, but I really enjoyed drawing this. Also Princess Peach


  1. Her body proportions look a little weird to me, bu that ice cream looks delicious!