Sunday, 22 January 2012

But "what have you done lately?"

but "what have you do lately?"
Well I have been dumping a lot on tumblr, and things have not changed that much, I'm still at it, finishing something (usually a drawings) every 2 weeks. I have up sized my paper lately, from A4 to A3, which funnily enough now takes twice as long to complete, but I can fit in more detail.
   The painting goes slower, it takes more time and will power, with having to set up and have/make time to do it. It's just that if there is less than an hour spare time, it's not worth starting with about 20 min clean up time to the air brush, and 20 min start up time, (making coffee getting all the gear out, not just the airbrush but laptop, and filling the air tank takes time too, because I use a tiny but quiet air compressor now,) but I have had a few good 4 to 6 hour windows this month to get into it, finally completing something last week, now I only have to vanish it. But it was a bit of a fiasco, with starting on one painting "this will never happen" then finally realising the whole painting was not going to work out how I wanted it to, then painting over it and starting again, trying new things can suck, and if I ever have the spirit I will draw the whole thing instead, for one of those "I have no idea what to do today" days.