Saturday, 4 June 2011

new ocean

I drew this mostly to do the water, which I can never get quite right, but it's my best so far, often my goes at water are a giant mess which I abandon quickly there after.

There's no background again, I was going to have the face cloud like and have other clouds floating around, but it didn't work out and made the face a bit puffy and retarded. And I got the out line all neat at the base of the water pool and I wanted to keep it that way.

As usual it's prismacolor pencil on black paper A4


  1. girl was partying all night long...on water!

  2. Your water is pretty decent.

  3. its really cool, she just looks like she overdosed on water. or a blue water looking drink. now she is at the 24 hour food place with her friends and you can't see it, but one of her girlfriends is holding her hair. the guys that followed from the bar hoping to get lucky are getting impatient outside. won't be getting any tonight. wow...i got a lot from that!

  4. It's vary nice, the water is awesome, you are truly gifted.

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  5. Wow.. This is real talent my friend!
    You deserve more followers!

  6. This needs to be spread. You really do have talent. Great job

  7. I checked back then I realized...

    Real art does not need to be rushed, but to be made with thoroughness and precision!

    You could make a rush art though if you want.
    I think it's a good idea. :)