Sunday, 8 May 2011

wip gif

I spent a week on this one, scanning it each time I changed pencils or had a break, so I could make a progress/animated gif. I hadn't made a gif in along time, so long in fact that I've changed photoshops and every thing was different and foreign to me. Sadly it seemed like I spent more time putting the gif together than drawing it, well it took like 4 hours of rediscovering photoshop before I knew what I was doing again.

Hopefully the next one I make will not jump all over the place and flash so much.


  1. creepy, but nice work on the gif. :)

    you could try to set your camera manually next time so that the pics don't change exposure settings and there is a more consistent results in the brightness and colors. :)

  2. wow, very well done my friend.

  3. Really well made pics there.

  4. yikes..scary Mary.

    Your is first blog i have seen with content warning,,not even sure it needs it.

    cheers on great drawings

  5. Very creepy. But also really good.
    You're talented. :)

  6. it's great and scary since you don't know what's going to happen, awesome!!