Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I like to draw the female face, mostly because I like to look at them, you can stare at a face for hours, which I do while drawing them. The final result isn't too bad either.

Done in prismacolor pencil on black paper, A4.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tentacles with nipples

Usually I don't start with a plan and just let it unfold.

I'd be lying if I said I drew for myself, if there was no one to see them I could not promise I would draw at all, maybe small doodles or picture reminders but nothing with effort. I want to show people stuff, "hey look what i did. look at me."
But who knows, if i was alone in the world and no one would ever see my work, maybe i might draw to kill the time, to show my future self. I like the idea that there is more than one of you, your past self present self and the poor guy future self who has to deal with your shenanigans.

I guess most of my drawing are conceptual, but I am pleased with it, I'm just don't want to flood the back ground, I don't want them to get too cluttered. I'm using a4 paper for these drawing which is about the smallest size I do now these days, and the pencil gets a bit hard to deal with when creating images smaller 5x5cm, I've tried some stuff and it just looks awful, I can't get any detail in it.
But I'm also making the most of the black background, which is why I'm drawing on black at the moment. Some of my older drawings, I wanted to flood the back ground with black, but couldn't (be bothered).

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

the Rash

More boobs but not as big, and yet not tiny tits.

I like the idea of attract/repulse, its kind of that Basic Instinct  idea where she could kill you, or sleeping with a black widow, I remember looking at the back of a Hellraiser II video when I was a kid, there was that Female Cenobite and she was scary hot, I imagine her having very bad breath. but anyway it stuck. this idea of something evil and alien hidden inside like aids. And knowing this there is still a temptation.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Zombies! In my youth I wished for the day of the zombie to come, with the end of the world and to have all the malls and shops to myself or at least to a small population. Assuming I was not infected which I'm sure we all like to think we will be safe, we will be the ones smart and lucky enough to not get infected. But who doesn't help some one who is sick, never do you think when some ones sick in hospital, (in real life) they are a zombie and we should kill the patient before they change.
I must note that in my youth the Internet was not so big or was just being born, so I dreamed of raiding all the porn shops and xxx stores, and never considering that in a week all the milk would be off.

but now I'm a father, and soon a father of two, and no longer wish for that zombie world, to be a lone traveller in the land of the dead. I'll just enjoy the films instead.
i must say
Shaun of the Dead is my favourite followed by the Dawn of the Dead remake.

I think zombies will always be cool as long as they never have dialog, or have any thing to do with vampires.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The process of the hairy blonde, Peaches

 I wish I could go on about planing, but there is none, when I was almost finished I decided to throw the crown on her and have her as "Peaches," then completely forgot about it.
I was going to put a 1up mushroom in her chest and get all Mario up in that sky, but in the morning when i continued on it i put in goldfish, completely forgetting about the whole peach plan from 4am the previous night. Usually i would put in some marking as a path to follow but i assumed i would remember an idea like "Peaches" sadly there is no going back when using prismacolor.

But from the beginning i did want to do a lot of hair, and have a "nice" drawing.
 I try to get a bit of a yin and yang thing going on, something nice and pleasing to the eye (i hope), then something a bit more shocking or at least not nice and a little bit repulsive and/or erotic, like the next one which should have boobs at least.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

tits are back

For a while now, maybe eight or nine months I have been keeping my work clean, with a pg 13 rating. But now "tits are back." I'm going to throw some boobs around, and get it up to a M15, maybe a MA! (Not R or X yet I'm still a bit shy.)For some reason I let Facebook censor me, anything with a nipple was removed or reported then removed, and like an attention whore I wanted people to see my stuff, for more than 20minutes, so i cut the nipples, then just cut eroticism all together. But now I'm back at it...for awhile.

Behold "Ribwitch"

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Trying new things

I myself don't like change, rarely will I even try something thing new off the Chinese menu. I am the same way with mediums and media, I use mostly acrylic through an airbrush or just lead pencil, a B, 2B, or I might get crazy and use a 4B. These would be the only two mediums I would use, for the last ten to fifteen years. Now and then I would use ink through a felt tip pen, between 0.4 to 0.2 mm.

   I like ink, it's a very yes or no tool, black or white, no grey, no maybe...But now and then I don't mind a maybe or a kind of, to get vague, dreamy like somethings there but not. A ghost.

   Lately I came across some artwork by Apricot Mantle the colors were so strong, they leapt off the page, I could not believe the images were created in pencil, and the detail inside the drawing were out standing. So much so that I had to try this color pencil.

   I went out and bought some, a pack of twelve for around $24, and personally I'm bit of a cheapskate, so this was a bit outlandish for me. And then I didn't use them for a good six weeks, the colors I got in this tin box were all over the place, you couldn't draw a rainbow. So I went out again and purchased a 24 set for $50, where you could draw a rainbow, and it was fantastic, I've never used a pencil like this, they stood out and could mix with each other not unlike oil pastel and yet not one to smudge which I like, so often I'm drawing  smudging away the work I've done, oblivious to what I've done with the other end of my hand resting on the paper.
   The pencils are called primacolor they are every where and are not hard to find, it's not often I try new things, but I'm glade I did.